Home Maintenance.

Stay ahead of your property's maintenance needs, avoid costly repairs, and get qualified professionals at your fingertips.

Proactive Home Maintenance for just $399/year

Regular home assessments, scheduled maintenance, and skilled tradesmen on-demand for a flat rate of $99/hour. All included in your yearly subscription.

We make home maintenance easy.

We know that homeownership can be tough. We help you save time and money and avoid frustration by applying our proactive approach to home maintenance. Our goal is to help you avoid costly repairs that could have been easily fixed when they were more minor issues.

Home Checkup

Get two home checkups per year by our home service professionals. It's like 2 doctors checkups per year, but for your house.

Proactive Maintenance

Use your customized Home Health Report to prioritize and schedule service before they become costly repairs.


Take care of your home conveniently through your phone. Schedule service, send photos and track projects with your Home Manager through our app.

Home Sweet Home
without the hassle

Avoid Costly Repairs

Avoid costly repairs due to deferred maintenance and keep people safe.

Preserve and Increase
Property Value

Protect your largest investment by staying ahead of property maintenance and keeping your home in its best shape.

One Point of Contact

Save time and money by having one point of contact for all your home maintenance needs.

Skilled Tradesmen and Handymen On Demand

Our in-house handymen keep an eye on your house and anticipate its needs. We make it easy with hourly rates for our handyman services.

Start protecting your home today. Maintenance plans starting at

It's like two doctor's check-ups a year...but for your home.

We perform routine maintenance on your home every six-months, keeping your home in its best shape.

Furnace Service

Furnace filter cleaned or replaced as needed. Clean air is part of a clean home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your dryer vent helps avoid a dryer fire and keeps you safe.

Service Dishwasher

Cleaning this filter helps to prevent bits of food from recirculating onto the dishes.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning

Cleaning your garbage disposal reduces bacteria and improves function.

Service Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Check to ensure functionality in case of an emergency. Service smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as needed, change batteries, and faulty units.

Service Doors & Windows

Lubricate doors and windows to ensure proper operation.

Check Fire Extinguishers

Check to ensure functionality in case of an emergency. Fire extinguishers can be installed for a fee.

Service Exhaust Fans

Service exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens to ensure quiet and efficient operation.

Sink Drains

Service drains in kitchens and bathrooms to ensure proper operation.

Light Bulbs

Change light bulbs throughout the property, as needed. Specialty light bulbs may incur and additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times will you visit my home?

Your plan includes 2 visits per year, every 6 months.

2. Are parts and materials included?

Materials such as filters, batteries, and other standard items related to servicing the major systems and covered appliances are included under the preventative maintenance plans. Parts and materials for handyman projects or other emergency issues that may arise are not covered.

3. How soon after I sign up do I get my first service?

After signup, you will be scheduled for the first inspection. The normal scheduling window is within 2 weeks.

4. What if our project requires a permit?

We have licensed general contractors, electricians, and plumbers on staff. If you have projects requiring permits and approvals with the city we can help you get those projects done. Pricing will be quoted independently per project.


Please contact us with any questions you may have. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response or call us directly at 415-347-3443.

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